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In the MAC version of CORE-4; is there a way to force it to open in FULL SCREEN?

Jerel Malong:
In the opening script, there's a section that resizes the window. You can take a look at modifying that. Do keep in mind however, the way the Core functions with numerous popup windows and dialogs, the windows will always revert in size. Rather than making it open "Full Screen", you might consider tricking it to be ALMOST full screen, like 100 or so pixels from being max sized. This way, the main window is almost full screen but not fully and when  you receive the various popups/dialogs, it will not resize. I know a few clients who have implemented this in their systems and it seems to work for them.
Where are the scripts located so I can look at them?

Jerel Malong:
You should review the following scripts:

Thanks Jerel - where do I find the scripts?  "Manage Scripts" is greyed out on my system.  And if I make changes, is it global to our CORE4, or just to mine?



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