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no plans for future qbxml support?


My solution makes extensive use of qbxml to export to QB and QBOE.  The FM Books Connector Online migration guide says that it does not support qbxml.  Is there any chance that this will change, that the Online version will eventually be capable of supporting qbxml?

If not, then are there also plans to discontinue support for qbxml for the regular FM Books Connector plugin?

Chris Turner:
Hi pjreagan,

The FM Books Connector Online makes use of the new Intuit IPP libraries, which does not support requests or responses in qbXML format. This is a design decision made by Intuit, as they are in the process of migrating their systems and removing qbXML communication with all QuickBooks Online companies. This restriction only applies to QuickBooks Online companies; company information in QuickBooks Desktop applications still fully support qbXML communication.

The original FM Books Connector will continue to provide qbXML support.

To note, Intuit will still accept qbXML communication to QuickBooks Online companies, but their stated "migration deadline" is May 15th, 2014. After this date, all qbXML communication to QuickBooks Online companies will fail. qbXML communication with QuickBooks Desktop companies will still continue uninterrupted, however.

For future readers, considering exporting to QBOE...

Productive Computing is doing an excellent job of supporting this product but Intuit seems to have let us all down with the poor documentation of their API.  The ESR is sorely lacking detail and at times is just plain wrong.  The API does seem to have addressed some weird structural and entity naming issues.  Yet the tax structure is quite different and seems confusing. 

'Just the opinion of someone after working with it for a few weeks. 


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