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Notice how the importer script has taken into consideration all the x_iah_* custom variables I added, yet only the Importer layout/table has data. The data isn't making it into Contacts. What could I be doing wrong?

Thanks for posting the info, douglucas!  I still am having the same problem, just for the record.

So after several go-rounds with the Core2 importer file, I finally gave up and resorted to using the Filemaker *manual* import utility. (Note that Core2 has it disabled by default; so we have to access it by going to Custom Menus, and making the default import utility available despite the fact that Productive Solutions turned it off). Then I opened the Contacts file manually and used the data in "Importer" table to force-feed the data bytes to the Contacts file. Seems to have worked like a charm. I think that's my fix, at least for my situation.

Thanks for posting the info, douglucas


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