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PCAB_GetListOfValues returns no name for Companies


The following function:

--- Code: ---PCAB_GetListOfValues ( "Group" ; "Members" ; "UID" )
--- End code ---
returns names for people, but not for companies.  In a group of mixed people and businesses, entries for businesses are blank.  I would expect a card marked "ShowAsCompany" to return the Company name.

Jerel Malong:
What results are you getting when this is passed?

If I have an address book group like this:

* Person: John Doe
* Company: John Doe's Doughnut Shop
* Person: Frank Smith
* Company: USAA Federal Savings Bank
Then the corresponding result from PCAB_GetListOfValues is:

--- Code: ---John Doe

Frank Smith

--- End code ---

Note that if I provide person contact details for the companies, I'll see the person contact details.  If the contact only has a company name, I see a blank line.

Jerel Malong:
You need to open the group record first to see the desired list. See attached screenshot.

Hope this helps.


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