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Does ABM support social profiles? (circa 10.7)


Does Address Book Manipulator support Social Profiles, such as Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc?  I haven't been able to determine this from the documentation, and I've made some educated guesses for what the MVR might be called, to no avail.

So far, I've tried:

--- Code: ---PCAB_OpenFirstMVProperty ( "Profile" ; Null )
PCAB_OpenFirstMVProperty ( "Profiles" ; Null )
PCAB_OpenFirstMVProperty ( "Social Profiles" ; Null )
PCAB_OpenFirstMVProperty ( "Social Profile" ; Null )
PCAB_OpenFirstMVProperty ( "Twitter" ; Null )
--- End code ---

I do know that I can access these properties via AppleScript (where they're called "Social Profiles").

Jerel Malong:
Currently the plug-in does not handle the "new" social profiles. We have included this into our list of enhancements.


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