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How do you deal with multiple address book accounts?


How do you deal with multiple address book accounts?  For example, in a situation where you have a primary iCloud account and a secondary iCloud account, how do you create new people in the second account?

I can tell that there is some awareness of multiple accounts in Address Book manipulator.  For example, there is exactly one group named "card" for every account, which appears to be the "All <account name>" contact group.  Also, all groups from every account are listed.

However, it seems like it could be disastrous to attempt to add a contact in one account to a group that is in another account.

As for creating a new person, is it as simple as "opening" the correct group before creating a person?  Is there a good way to discover which account is which, since the "Name" property of the "all" group is just "card"?

Chris Turner:
Currently, the Address Book Manipulator can only communicate with the "default" account. The default account setting can be changed in the "Preferences" dialog of Address Book / Contacts, under the "General" tab.

We have added the request to support multiple accounts, as well as the ability to designate what accounts to push/pull from, as an enhancement to the plug-in. For now, the only real workaround would be to designate the second account as the "default" before making any pushes into or pulls from Address Book via the plug-in.

Thank you for your quick response.

A related feature that would be very useful would be if ABM could also support the "linked contacts" entries that were added in Mountain Lion and enhanced in Mavericks.  This is the feature that makes two or more cards in different accounts (including FaceBook, secondary iCloud accounts, Gmail, Exchange, etc) present with their data merged in the Contacts interface.

For example, if I have "John Smith" in my contacts and I'm friends with them on FaceBook, I'll see John Smiths' FaceBook contact information in Contacts.  This also works for at least LinkedIn, secondary iCloud accounts, and Gmail accounts.

Mountain Lion added this feature.  When you edit a contact you see "Linked Contacts" as an entry in the contact that you can delete.  Mavericks added the ability to add linked contacts.


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