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New Timer for Project -- minor bug


In Projects, in the Timers tab, the "New Timer" button does not execute. The same button on the ProjectItems portal rows does function properly. The script starts with IF:
not BrowseMode or
($$Module = "Projects" and IsEmpty( proj_ACTVT__projectItems::_kpt__Activity_ID ) )

... then Exit Script.
Because you're clicking in Timers, and not in ProjectItems, the proj_ACTVT__projectItems relationship is invalid for the button in the Timers tab. It's valid when you click the button in the portal row.

Jerel Malong:
When pressing on the button, can you verify that the "projects" module is selected? I tested it and had no issues creating a timer. You may want to call in and do a remote session with tech support to troubleshoot. You can contact us directly at (760) 510-1200. We are available anytime monday-friday from 8am-5pm PST


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