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Simple Script to Reveal Address Book Record


I'm trying to write a simple script to reveal the related Address Book record of a FileMaker contact record.  Using the contact's Address Book ID, and have started with the following:

Set Field [PCAB_Main::gResult ; PCAB_Open ( PCAB_Contacts::Apple_Contact_ID)]

This does not work, however, and I don't know what is missing.  The relationship between the PCAB_Main and PCAB_Contacts table is copied from the demo file, and my search is for a record that exists in both FileMaker and Address Book.

For anybody else with the same confusion, I realized that the PCAB_Display was the proper function.  The following script works:

Set Field [PCAB_Main::gResult ; PCAB_Display ( PCAB_Contacts::Apple_Contact_ID)]


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