Author Topic: Outlook error message during authentication/send  (Read 1739 times)


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Outlook error message during authentication/send
« on: July 29, 2013, 07:49:32 PM »
On one computer in an office where 10 are licensed to use Outlook SendMail 3.0, an error message pops up during the initial authentication process and whenever it attempts to send an email using the plugin: "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request." (Incidentally, the error existed in version 2.x as well.)

Microsoft suggests rebuilding the Outlook registry key, which may have become corrupted. Other tech support sources suggests that the error message is the result of an incompatibility between 64-bit Outlook and 32-bit third-party apps. What does Productive Computing suggest?

Jerel Malong

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Re: Outlook error message during authentication/send
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2013, 07:50:54 AM »
Currently the Outlook Manipulator family of plug-ins are not compatible with the 64 bit version of Microsoft Outlook. This is due to the differences in 32bit and 64bit application architecture. FileMaker is a 32bit application, therefore our plug-ins are also 32bit. For our plug-ins to be compatible with the 64bit version of Outlook, both our plug-ins and FileMaker would need to be 64bit. Currently there is no 64bit version of FileMaker Pro available.  Until FileMaker releases a 64bit version of the application we will not be able to make a plug-in compatible with the 64bit version of Outlook (or any other 64bit 3rd party application).