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Core4 CRM Version Available!


Sarah Ly:
NEW Core4 CRM Version Available.


* Fixed an issue with merging addresses.
* Optimized plugin scripts.
* Updated user account preferences to allow name changing.
* Updated calendar behavior after a user is deleted.
* Fixed a bug with the modal activity window.
* Updated Orders module to automatically populate the status upon creation.
* Updated Invoices module and the script parameters.
* Updated sample data in Items module.
* Modified Clickatell implementation to support US based phone numbers.
* Updated sample data in Core Preferences.
* Fixed a bug in Calendar module for "week" view.
* Minor update in the POs module.
* Updated the "default" button functionality on Calendar module.
* Updated Dashboard module to properly show Sales Reps.
* Added support for Mac OSX 10.8 to properly send email campaigns.
* Updated date range for records using the Outlook Manipulator for Mac plug-in.
* Fixed a bug when importing Payment Terms using the FM Books Connector plug-in.
* Updated custom "DateRange" function.
* Updated calculations in the Contacts_Import table.
* Updated opening script.
* Updated demo installer.
* Updated scripts for build assembly items in the Items module.
* Fixed a bug with the “DateRangeTextToDate (text)” custom function.
* Phone numbers are now formatted based on default address.
* Fixed a bug with due dates on reminders.
* Updated the PO print layout to display the same value as detail layout.
* Updated Core4 window maximization view.
* Updated PHP privilege set.
* Updated Developer's Guide.
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