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I'm reading through the developer's guide and understand the benefits of hard-coding the registration information (Server Name, Port, Page, and License ID).  However, I'm confused how often I need to do this.  It seems like I should only have to register the plugin once.  But the developer's guide seems to suggest I register the plugin before every script using the plugin.  Is that correct?

Braedon Vogel:
Hi Daniel,

You will only need to register the plug-in once per client machine. The "plug-in checker" script as suggested in the documentation is simply a means of catching connection errors to QuickBooks. It should only attempt to register via PCQB_Register if PCQB_GetOperatingMode is not equal to "LIVE" ("LIVE" means it has been registered). It is good practice to include this script before any script that uses FM Books functions in the event that a client tries to run the script without having the plugin installed or registered on their machine.

It is important to note however that any request to QuickBooks should begin with the PCQB_BeginSession function. This is necessary in order to initiate a conversation with QuickBooks which should be finalized with the PCQB_EndSession function any time you need to communicate with QuickBooks.

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