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Pulling new contacts without deleting existing records


I am trying to get an abandoned project using Address Manipulator working, and I'm getting close without really knowing anything about scripting. I have the basic functions working, but I need to figure out how to update existing records when importing from the address book. My current options are either delete existing records before each import or end up with duplicate records.

Kevin Clemons:
Hi Dano,

I believe the information you are looking for may be on page 8 of the developers guide here:
If you are still unable to figure this out and need assistance please contact us at (760) 510-1200 so that we can see about getting you some developer assistance.


That is for changing entries in the address book. I'm talking about pulling data from the address book in to the filemaker layout. Using the demo file as an example, every time you use the run the pull script it deletes all the records then creates new records for all the address book entries. I need it to not delete records, because I have fields that are unrelated to the address book. The person who originally worked on this project had a comparison function that would determine if a record was to be modified because it already existed, or created because it was a new record. But it was done using version 1 of the plugin which not longer works.


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