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Unable to add Attachments


Everything else seems to work without the attachment but can't get this to work.

 PCEM_NewRecord( "Mail" ) & ¶ &
PCEM_AddAttachment( "C:/temp/Eloy_Fire_District.pdf" ; "Invoice" )

I'm using FileMaker 11 Advanced
Outlook Manipulator
Windows 8 Pro

Any suggestions?

Jerel Malong:
Have you tried using a backslash ( "\" )in the path?

Just got a reply from Support.

It works but requires \ instead of / in file names.


Glad it works but why did they decide to use a reserved character instead of the FileMaker standard that uses the forward slash.
Are they French?

Hi 2Geckos!

The reason why we use the backslash because that is the exact file path to the file.  Not use to it being so easy, eh?

LOL - and we are French (Marc and Keith Larochelle)

Hey guyz O-Click is very nice and i would like to know what you would like to add as a new function?
Please share something that can be possible and i hope Oppo will do for OfanN1


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