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Upgrade to Outlook Manipulator problem


Good morning,

Previous version of OM was which ran with minimal problems.

Tried running the demo files to install the plugin, and also manually copying the .fmx file to the extension folder.  In both cases an error message was generated saying "Registration failed" and the plugin was not installed.

Returned to version by copying the fmx file back to the extensions folder, and all came good.

System is Win7 64 bit
Outlook 2007
All patched and up to date
Filemaker Pro 10.0v3

Do you have any pointers?

Many thanks,


Kevin Clemons:
Please note that registering and installing the plug-in are two different things. If you are receiving an error saying you are not allowed to register than the plug-in is properly installed. You seem to be having a licensing issue, please contact PCI at to get this issue resolved.


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