Author Topic: Crash caused corrupt sales order?  (Read 1058 times)


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Crash caused corrupt sales order?
« on: October 19, 2012, 07:39:29 AM »
My Filemaker database pulls invoices and sales orders from Quickbooks. Earlier this week Filemaker crashed while running the script that pulls the Invoices and Sales orders. I had to Force Quit both applications after they froze up. I ran everything again and it seems like it works without a problem. But now I have noticed that several of the Sales Orders that were converted in Quickbooks to Invoices now show that they were never converted to an Invoice. The invoice that was associated with the Sales Order is still in the system but is now not "connected" to the Sales Order. This only happens to a few sales orders. My question is did the crash between FMBook Connector and QB cause this? Is it possible for this process to cause this kind of corruption?

Geoffrey Gerhard

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Re: Crash caused corrupt sales order?
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2012, 08:04:19 AM »
I can't answer the questions of cause and possibility. I can say I've never had that experience, nor have I ever seen this on any of the many solutions I've worked on.

One thing that may be useful: Make sure you run the QuickBooks backup at regular intervals with the "verify" option enabled. Doing so does more than provide an up-to-date source should a problem arise--the verify process compares the company file's data to a transaction log that QB keeps as a separate file on your hard drive. If you haven't done a backup since this problem arose, try doing so now and see whether the connection between the "unlinked" Orders and Invoices is restored.


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