Author Topic: I'm Trying to do a Replace a word inside a field ( not all, but one word)  (Read 2182 times)


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Does a  find/ replace work in core?

I'm trying to replace the word "ste." with "Suite"

I do not see how this works? I know how to set  the whole value in a field, but not sure on a single word with a find and replace from within a field. ( one word changed out of 10)

How to perform  find/ replace  "ste." ; "Suite" where it exist?

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You would need to do a find on that field for the text “ste.”
Once you have the found set, go to Records > Replace Field Contents… and click on the “Specify…” button to specify a calculation
Within that calculation you want to type this:

                Substitute( <<field_name>> ; “ste.” ; “Suite” )

Replace <<field_name>> with the actual field you are replacing and it should replace ONLY the part of the text “ste.” With “Suite”
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