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When I've created a person, I also add him to a group.
This works.
But when I want to create another person, it doesn't work anymore (the person doesn't exist in the address book: not in the group, nor in the whole adress book).
I think it has something to do with opening access to the group (to use AddPerson): the second time I think i still have access to the current group record, so there's acutally no need to open the group, but it does so because it's necessary  for the first person.
Is there a way to "close" access to the group when a person has been created and added to the group? Or a way to add a person without having to open the group?

I forgot to mention this:
1) When I create a person and add it to a group, then close filemaker completely and restart it, I can create another person and add it to a group.
2) When I first create e.g. 10 persons and then add all 10 to the group, this also works. But when I then want to create an 11th person, this doesn't work anymore (unless I restart filemaker).

Richard Padaon:
You can re-point the plugin to the "Person" section of Address Book by using the PCAB_Search( ) function.

After you have pushed a contact into their correct group, call PCAB_Search( "Person" ;
"First Name" ; "" ; "" ; "<<some random name>>" ; "Equal" ; ) from the plugin and you should be able to call PCAB_New( "Person" ) once again.

The plugin should be pointing to the "People" section of the plugin after calling PCAB_Search even your search has 0 results.

Thank you very much, this works!


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