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Private field setting does not work in a network environment


The private field work fine if you just have a one stand alone user, but to get access and see the data in a networking environment, it does not work. Which then does not give your user protection of their data from the other users or you can't see your data, which has been assigned to you. Major problem, unless there is a simple fix or up load to fix the issues with software. Unless someone else has a solution to the problem. peer to peer environment

Kevin Clemons:
The "private" contact feature within the Core3 was designed to make a contact only viewable by the specified user and Administrative account. The Core3 is provided completely open so that desired customizations can be added via scripting to such as expanded privacy settings and features.

This customization can be done by yourself or if you would like us to do it please fill out a RFQ from the link below:

The privacy does not work  allows each sales person to see the other sales persons records.  Now I'm not sure why, for  the private field is set to a single name. IT like it does not see the name and give the person full access  when they only have data entry status. Is there something else that need to be checked. The field appeared to work fine for a new person. The 2 people we initially set up and we coded them off the contact page and did  replace of  to put their name in  28,000 records. I had spent 3 hours trying to figure why it give person full access when they are only rated as data entry an their name is not on record.
Any ideas The way the field was se from the contact page???


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