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I notice a problem with core 3 private field not working in a network


Using the privacy switch only work, if you are the only user on a data base. Is there a way to  get the privacy switch to work right when I have multiple user using the data base. IF the user is the only one user is on the data base, then the  Private  switch works correctly. When I Turn the activate the hosting core 3  station on and then I go to a remote site, I then notice that the private switch no longer work( user can see any of the users records) and only let the  user that has data entry( limited access) see the company's main records and not the individual records. I been trouble shooting this for two day and realize it has to be the software flaw or trick of some sort. I running the latest version of the software. A network version does not appears work at all in private data entry( only shows company records) . Any suggestions?

Kevin Clemons:
The "private" contact feature within the Core3 was designed to make a contact only viewable by the specified user. Users in the Core3 are setup default as "Data Entry Only" these users will not be able to see records set to "Private" for a different user. The Admin account setup by default on first login can see all contact records and may be causing confusion if you are using that account for testing.

I was logged  on as private users and realized that I could not see my records coded to my name. it show the company records, but not the  individual records. 


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