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Outlook Manipulator / unable to comunicate with Outlook 2010



this is my cnfiguration:

Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Outlook 2010 64bit
Filemaker 12 pro Advanced
Filemaler 11 pro Advanced

Operative system and application are updated to last fix realeased

I have tried both beginner and advanced demos. Registration succeeds. Profile User Name and Password are left empty.

Authenticate to Outlook script fails with error message: "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client."

Outlook is set to be the default Email client . . .

When I click on "OK" for this message, another message comes up: "Outlook Logon Failed - Error: 80004005 - ERROR: 80004005 MAPI CALL FAILED"

Following old post i checked office installation and plugin and all seams ok.

I try di disable UAC and macro security in outlook but nothing changed.

Can you give me a suggestion?



Kevin Clemons:
Currently the Outlook Manipulator plug-in is not compatible with any 64bit version of Outlook.

Thank you.

You know when it will be available version for 64bit?

This configuration: Windows 7 64bit with Outlook 32bit is supported?

Thank You Giorgio

Kevin Clemons:
We have not began work on this, as I believe it will need to be a completely new plug-in and currently this plug-in is not in our production line.

Alternatively we can make a custom plug-in for you and in order to pursue this option please  fill out  a request for quote form and our team will contact you shortly after. You can find the request for quote form here:


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