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Can't find calendar events


Hi Guys

Has anyone had had / know of this kind of activity.

1. We have History records in FM that need recreating within different Outlook Calendars via the EM plugin. Each History record is related to an Account table that stores, amongst other things, the Outlook account name of the creator of the History record. All of these Account records have a valid, active account in Outlook and the details have been confirmed as correct. I've written a script that loops through a foundset of History records and creates an Outlook Calendar event for the related Account. To do this, I'm logging into Outlook using an admin account that has access to around 3 out of 20 or so possible accounts. The odd thing is that if the script processes a History record that has a related Account record that the Outlook admin account I'm using DOESN'T have access to, rather than throwing up an error, it recreates the History record in the Admin account's Calendar. Is there any way I can check that the account the EM script is processing is accessible via the current Admin account? That way I can skip the History record, not assigning it an Outlook ID and then leave it for next time the script runs when it will be processed indefinitely until it has a valid Outlook account (ie an Account that the Admin account DOES have access to).

2. The other odd thing that's happening is that I have a foundset of 6 History records which need recreating as Outlook Calendar events. The History records store the OutlookID of the related Outlook Calendar event and once the script has run, I can scroll through these records and see that all 6 have a unique Outlook ID as expected - so the plugin is working. The bizarre thing is that I'm looking at the calendars in Outlook using the spreadsheet style view so that I can browse the calendar events in columns and order them based upon the Category type of "FileMaker" (each created Calendar Event has the Category set to "FileMaker"). The problem is that I've gone through every calendar that the Outlook admin account I'm using has access to and I can't find all of the created Calendar events. I've used the Outlook search facility based on individual accounts and all accounts using "FileMaker" and / or the known body of the Calendar event and I've looked at the days that the events have been created on and all I can see are a few of the events (as it happens, the first 4 of the 6 History records are being created in the Admin account's calendar - incorrectly I hasten to add as these items are for accounts that the Admin account doesn't have access to as described in point 1 above). It appears that the EM plugin is creating Calendar events, Outlook is assigning unique outlook IDs but for some events, the admin account I'm using doesn't have access to viewing them in outlook (at least I can't find them).

I would really appreciate any help / suggestions you could offer as I'm slowly losing what little hair I have left : )

Further to my previous message, I have written a script that loops through a foundset of records each of which has valid data in the OutlookID field. Using the PCEM_OpenRecord and PCEM_Display functions, the script opens an Outlook Calendar Appointment popup window for each of the FM records - my intention being to find the 'missing' events.

The first 4 records / events show up as residing in the outlook admin account that I'm using. Although these appointments are appearing in completely the wrong calendar, at least I can see them. However after these first 4 records, each Outlook Calendar Appointment popup window shows text at the foot of the window stating "In Shared Folder" followed by a calendar icon followed by the name of the related outlook account. These are the 'missing' events that I cannot locate - so they're being created and reside within Outlook but they remain hidden.

There is no shared folder for this particular account (at least not that I can see). Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm a Mac user and my knowledge of Outlook Exchange is very limited so I could be missing something obvious....

Just to let you guys know, the word from Productive Computing is :

"....the Exchange Manipulator not displaying an error when an incorrectly spelled or non accessible root folder fails to open is known bug and is on the list to be fixed....

Hopefully it'll get resolved soon : )


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