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Unable to access mount point on network drive


I'm using File Manipulator plugins on Filemaker 10 Mac, and trying to access folders that are on a shared network drive.  For one of the Macs, it appears to work fine, PCFMGetFolderExists("ServerName/FolderName") can find the folder.  However, for the other two Macs, it returns an error of -10. 
All 3 Macs are running Leopard.

Can anybody shed some light on this?

The paths that you see in Finder are not necessarily the same as the paths that you would pass the the plug-in.  This is particulalry true when working with mounted volumes.  I believe the correct path to a mounted volume needs to be prefixed with 'Volumes' or '/Volumes' in order to work correctly.  I am not positive, but I think you can get a list of mounted volumes using the PCFM_ListDrives function (or some similar function ).  Or try a terminal window and ls on the /Volumes dir to see the names you can use to access the mounted drive.



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