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How do I Set contacts (attendees) to a meeting in Outlook?

I have no problems to Get contacts from a calendar meeting in Outlook.
When I get the Contacts they are just listed like this (in the field in FileMaker) Each contact followed by a carriage return:


But it seeems that Set contacts in Outlook from fileMaker should be done differently!!!?
PCEM_SetFieldData ("Contacts" ; OutLookCalendar::OutLCalendarContacts)

I tried making it like:

Contact1 Contact2

Contact1; Contact2

EmailContact1; EmailContact2

Everything without success.

I tried to use contactnames from Outlook oremails, contacts already created in Outlook or contacts not created in Outlook.

I tried it with Response Requested as both true/false.

Is there a setting I miss?
Everything else works fine.

(Platform - Windows 7, 64 bit. Outlook 2003, Outlook Manipulator

Melinda DePalma:
To add attendees to a calendar event you actually use PCEM_SetFieldData( "Required Attendees" ; SOMEATTENDEENAME) or PCEM_SetFieldData( "Optional Attendees" ; SOMEATTENDEENAME). The script steps would look something like this:

PCEM_NewRecord( “Calendar” )
PCEM_SetFieldData( “Body” ; SOMEBODY )
PCEM_SetFieldData( “Required Attendees” ; SOMEREQUIREDATTENDEES )
PCEM_SetFieldData( “Optional Attendees” ; SOMEOPTIONALATTENDEES )
PCEM_SaveRecord( "Appointment")

Please use a semi colon between multiple attendees and ensure that you enter the "Appointment" parameter in the PCEM_SaveRecord function as this will actually send a meeting request to all required or optional attendees. All field names can be found in the Functions Guide and for a live example see the "Add/Update Calendar Record(s) to Outlook" script in our Advanced Demo available here:

Hope that helps and good luck-
Melinda DePalma


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