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Is there a 'Get Last Modified Date' function?

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The FilterByFilterString takes a filter string that must comply with the structure represented in the documentation listed on the following pages....

The "ID" field is not a valid fileld in the context of a filtering string.  Valid field names can be found in the links on this page...

Are you certain that the PCEM_OpenRecord is changing the modified timestamp?  I do not see any place in the source code for the plugin where this would happen.


Also note, the EntryID is not a field that can be used in a filter string.


Thank you for your response regarding the FilterByFilterString. As ID is not a field that can be used in the filter string this approach won't work.

I need to determine 'which record was modified last; the FileMaker entry or the Outlook entry?' When I issue the PCEM_OpenRecord command immediately followed by PCEM_GetFieldData( Modified ) a timestamp is returned the value of which is the current date/time. Which indicates to me that the OpenRecord command is modifying the Outlook record.

Would you recommend another method for approaching this problem?


Just following up to our conversation and the fix we found.  In some instances early versions of the plug-in would alter the LastModified date when accessing records with the PCEM_OpenRecord command.  The latest version of the plug-in (which will be available for download  after 5/25/2010 ) has this problem fixed.


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