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Is there a 'Get Last Modified Date' function?

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I'm looking to query an Outlook record, using the OutlookID, and return the 'last modified time stamp'.

I tried using the PCEM_GetFieldData( Modified ) ; however, this first requires targeting the Record and the only method to do that is PCEM_OpenRecord.... which updates the time stamp in Modified.

Is there another function I have overlooked which will return the last modification time stamp for an Outlook Id?

Many thanks!

Melinda DePalma:
You can use the PCEM_FilterByLastModified( Timestamp ) or PCEM_FilterByFilterString( FilterString ) functions instead. These functions will allow you to filter records without actually opening the records. Please see the Functions Guide found here: for more information about using these functions.

The PCEM_FilterByLastModified function will most likely be easier and more practical to use in your below scenario. These are more advanced developer functions made for your development pleasure ...   ;)  !

I attempted to use the FilterByFilterString function; and filter by the 'ID', however this resulted in an ERROR.

The 'ID' field is not listed in your Advanced Example file... is it supported?

Melinda DePalma:
Can you please provide a screen shot of your script using this function?

Screen shoot attached; but the script is just:
Set Variable [$Test; Value: PCEM_OpenFolder( $$DefaultMailFolder )
Set Variable [$Test2; Value: PCEM_FilterByFilterString( "[ID] = '" & Outlook::OutlookID& "'" )
Show Custom Dialog [$Test2]

--> $Test returns 0


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