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Problems with FM10 on windows xp


i've got a problem that here i try to describe.

scenary: filemaker 10.3 on windows XP
3 different printers
my filemaker script:

Set Variable [ $actualPrinter; Value:PCCP_GetSystemPrinter ]
Set Variable [ $dummy; Value:PCCP_ChangePrinter( $$printerLabelSmall ) ]
Print Setup [ Orientation: Portrait; Paper size: 2,46" x 0,39" ]
[ Restore; No dialog ]
Print [ Records being browsed; All Pages; Orientation: Landscape; Paper size: 8,26" x 11,69" ]
[ Restore ]
Set Variable [ $dummy; Value:PCCP_ChangePrinter( $actualPrinter ) ]

If i run the script once i do not encounter any problem, but if i run it a second time, also after a while, filemaker goes in crash (following the error message):

AppName: filemaker pro.exe AppVer: ModName: hpmdp5r1.dll

ModVer: 0.3.1537.66 Offset: 00016c42

I've tried many options, also I phisically changed the  printers, without any good result.
If i delete the first and the last script instructions (so i do not set the default printer after the script) i can run the script for several times, but as soon as I try to print with another printer the print process go in crash.
Could someone help me to fix the problem?
Sandro Bramati - Milan, Italy

Melinda DePalma:
Thanks for your patience. We just released a new Windows plug-in version as a Windows update and library changes caused some unexpected behavior with our plug-in. Here is a direct download link so you can download this new version of the plug-in:

This new version should resolve this issue.

Hi Sandro,

Try placing the Print Setup[] script step BEFORE the call to PCCP_ChangePrinter to see if the desired results are met.


Change operating system  of you PC and then try again.

the hardware compatibility is also a big issue with windows XP.


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