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trying to avoid duplicates ... not quite perfect applescript


I'm trying to avoid a complex PCAB search and compare with the following AppleScript / multi value searching would sure make it easier.

does anyone know why the AppleScript "keystroke" gets scrambled ?
if this worked it might be a useful way to invoke a quick oneclick button prior to pushing FM people record to Address Book.
this script assumes FM "People" record is open

--- Code: ---set Variable[$lastname ; Value:Left(People::lastname;3)]
set Variable[$appleScript;"set lname to "&Quote($lastname)&"¶
tell application "&Quote("Address Book")&"¶
end tell¶
tell application "&Quote("System Events")&"¶
tell process "&Quote("Address Book")&"¶
tell group 3 of UI element 1 of tool bar 1 of group 4 of window "&Quote("Address Book")&"¶
keystroke (lname)¶
end tell¶
end tell¶
end tell¶"]
Perform Applescript[$appleScript]
--- End code ---

if you strip out the FM scripting and experiment with native AppleScript the same thing happens.

the problem is with the applescript variable lname.  The best option is to forgo using A.S. variables alltogether - you simply do not need it in your example. 

Instead, include the $lastname variable in the creation of the $applescript variable.

1) remove the line 'set lname to "&Quote($lastname)&'
2) replace 'keystroke (lname)¶' with 'keystroke (" & Quote( $lastname) & ")¶'



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