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I am trying to modify the demo database that comes with ABM.

The problem I am running into with it is that your script for pulling contacts deletes all the FM contacts first and then completely repopulates the database.  This makes it difficult to maintain those records so that I can relate those to other tables etc.  This makes it difficult to add any custom fields since they will be deleted each time, or to relate the contacts table to another using a key other than the address book ID.

Are you going to come out with a more full featured demo file that would be more easily modifiable? 

Also, it seems like one needs to push records individually - there is no script to push multiple contacts, which will be a real pain with several hundred contacts to add.

Any thoughts?


Hi Dave,

You are free to modify the demo to suit your needs.  You can disable the steps that delete records.  The only real issue with this is that you may have to change the logic when importing.  I think the demo creates new FM records each time the import process is run.  This would have to change to only create the record if it does not exist.  This is as simple as adding a find to the import scripts that searches for the AddressBook id in the demo.  If it doesn't find it then a new record is created.  Else, it updates the found record.

PCI is not planning on updating the the current demo file any time soon - it is only a demo meant to demonstrate the abilities of the plug-in.

Your demo file is dangerous and should be rewritten. 

Melinda DePalma:
We appreciate any feedback. If you would like to elaborate on how we could better re-write the demo file to meet your needs and not be "dangerous," that would be greatly appreciated. When we release the new plug-in version this year, we actually will be releasing a new re-written demo file. Please keep in mind the "delete all records" script step is in ALL our demos as our demos are just demos and not canned FileMaker solutions.

We welcome and appreciate your suggestions and feedback!

Don't provide a demo file.  As a consumer, what your plug in is capable of is interesting, but not useful. 

Provide a 'starter solution'.

The demo file concept is pointless for the end user.  Provide something that is usable.  Get rid of the script steps that delete all records.
Get rid of all of the ohter non-standard stuff that you do. (various file settings)

The starter file should sync with address book as well as push and pull and it should be easily modifiable.

Give me a reason to buy your product.  I really don't want to spend hours upon hours learning the various function names and other low level tools etc. that you have created. 


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