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unhandled exception in function


Using plug in in a Filemaker 10 system.  10 seat License of plugin.  Plugin says registration successful.
When I go to launch the system I get an unhandled exception in function error in my opening script.
Opening script call 3 scripts from advanced demo:
1. registration script, copied verbatim from demo and modified with my license credentials.
2. Authenticate script - again copied and modified to match my system.
3. Extract root folders. copied and modified for my use.

root folders are not being prompted for choice, just automatically populating from Outlook.
User is in an exchange environment.
this happens on one user only. all other users do not have this issue.

This also happens to be the most critical user of the system. (Figures, right?)
help please!  where should I look to resolve?

Melinda DePalma:
First let's see what exact script step is causing this "unhandled expection" error. Can you open debugger in FileMaker and step through your script to see what exact script step and what plug-in function are returning this error.

Next if this is only happening on this one machine we should probably look at the machine environment. What OS version, Outlook version, plug-in version and FM version are running on this machine vs the other machines? Have ALL the OS and Outlook updates been performed on this machine?

I would also be curious to see on this machine if you can properly use the Advanced Demo on this machine. Using the Advanced Demo can you authenticate and select the proper root folder? The demo is a good means of measuring if the plug-in is working properly on this machine as it eliminates any outside scripting variable.

Please let me know.


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