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Strange Invalid File Handler message


I'm using a registered copy of the File Manipulator plugin V1.0.5 on a Windows based system.  To be more specific, the environment is a Windows XPe Thin Client that is connecting to a remote desktop server.  The main purpose of this is to copy a folder and it's contents from a shared directory on a separate computer to a USB drive on the thin client.

I know that the source and the destination are correct.  If I use the Send Event command to use xcopy, it copies to the USB drive just fine.  But when I use the PCFM FolderCopy command (using the same source and destination paths), the operating system gives an error of "Invalid File Handler".  The plugin returns a code of -6. 

From my understanding, the file handler error has something to do with user permissions?  Would the file plugin use a different credentials than a command line would?  Or is there some other type of setup that I need to follow to make this work correctly?  I've used this plugin and the specific FolderCopy command successfully on several occasions in the past. 

I really would prefer to use the plugin for this task, as I'm able to put in error trapping, and it just looks a lot cleaner for the end user. 

I think there is a problem in coding of basic command of USB side server. Check it out from starting and give appropriate missing object name.


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