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AB Manipulator Release Notes?


Somehow the AB Manipulator release showed up in my Downloads folder.  I can't find an email announcement and MacUpdate Desktop doesn't know about it.  Hmmm.

Before I put the new release into production, I'd like to know what changed between and  (FMDiff found no differences in the PCAB_Demo.fp7 demo database.)

-- Ward

Melinda DePalma:
I you become a fan of Productive Computing on FaceBook or Twitter, then you will be notified of all the latest plug-in updates,  version releases etc. Please select the link below to become a fan.

Otherwise for a detailed list of the version history please navigate to and scroll to the bottom left to expand the “Version History” button.

Thanks, Melinda, for the pointers.  I'll stick with the Version History on your site now that I know where to find it.  It's easy to miss.

Although I have Facebook and Twitter accounts, I don't visit often enough for them to be reliable source of information.

-- Ward


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