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Can't delete folder


Hello, all--

New File Manipulator user here (on Mac OS 10.5.8).

When I test for the existence of myFolder inside the /Volumes/ directory...
PCFM_GetFolderExists ( "/Volumes/myFolder" ) always returns a 0 (success).

However, when I attempt to DELETE that folder...
PCFM_FolderDelete( "/Volumes/myFolder" ) or PCFM_FolderDelete( "Macintosh HD/Volumes/myFolder" )
...I always get a result code of -5.  What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks--

Melinda DePalma:
-5 indicates "unable to delete folder" and it is strange if the folder actually does exist. Please check the following:

1) Folder permissions to ensure that your user account on this machine has read/write access to delete folders in that directory.

2) Try to delete the same folder from the FileMaker demo file that comes with the plug-in. Can you successfully delete this folder from the demo file?

3) Try to delete a folder in a different location to ensure that the FolderDelete function is actually working properly on the machine.

Please let me know your results.

Maybe the problem was due to an invisible folder named .Spotlight-V100 inside the parent folder.

drwx------   root   admin   102  Oct 23 15:09  .Spotlight-V100

Same result code (-5) using the PCFM demo file.
Other folders delete fine, I believe the plug-in is working fine.

I had to manually delete the stubborn folder shortly after my original post so I don't know what its permissions were, but I did happen to make a note of the .Spotlight-V100 folder as I was troubleshooting. Would PCFM be unable to delete the parent folder if it was owned by root and its permissions were drwx------?

If I'm able to reproduce this situation I will contact you.

Many thanks--


How does this File Manipulator plugin work? This is all knew to me!!

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