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Title: Error descriptions - and possible gremlins?
Post by: ncg on September 13, 2009, 02:50:31 PM

I'm trying to display appointments in a pre-existing Filemaker Pro database in the Entourage Calendar.  I have worked through the documentation and am trying to adapt on of the scripts from the demo file (which itself works as expected.)

I am using:

Filemaker Pro 10
Entourage 13.0 (Web Services Edition) - though i am saving in a local calendar in an otherwise empty profile.
Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Everything is set to UK localisation.

The four fields I am trying to replicate are:


I can't make it work, though I am effectively copying and simplifying the "Post Calendar Record(s) to Entourage" from the demo file.

I can Authenticate to Entourage
However everything I do after that seems either to go wrong with error "current record out of range" or "requested field not available in this version of entourage"

These errors both appear randomly and do not correlate with certain fields.  Often each instruction will return a success, but no data will be written, and the filemaker fields Modify and GUID will return !!ERROR!!

Also the frequency of my errors increased when I changed the order of the PCEM_SetFieldData commands.

Should it work on my software?  How do the various \'s and *'s work in these commands - they do not appear to be documented?  And why do i get different errors every runtime.

Thank you for your help!

Title: Re: Error descriptions - and possible gremlins?
Post by: Melinda DePalma on September 14, 2009, 05:11:56 PM
If the plug-in works properly with the demo, then the plug-in should work properly with your FileMaker file. In order to use the plug-in in your own solution, you will need to create integration scripts. Since you have copied the "Post Calendar Record(s) to Entourage" in your FileMaker file, have you also adjusted the FieldValues to your corresponding field values?

For example in the demo we call PCEM_SetFieldData( "Start" ; Calendar::Start ). The first parameter FieldName in this example is "Start," which is the exact name of the Entourage field. The FieldName is predetermined and IS case sensitive. The exact name of all available fields for all areas in Entourage is outlined in our Functions Guide.

The second parameter is the FieldValue to populate into the corresponding Entourage field specified in the first FieldName parameter. In this example the FieldValue is 'Calendar::Start' where 'Calendar' is the name of the Table in our FileMaker demo file and 'Start' is the field name in this table. In your FileMaker solution you would need a 'Calendar' table containing a 'Start' field name in order for this script to function "out of the box." Thus the need for integration scripts as everyone's FileMaker file contains various tables and field names.

You could also hard code the FieldValue by using quotations and calling the following:
PCEM_SetFieldData( "Start" ; "9/14/2009 8:00:00 AM" ).

Please first confirm that you have adjusted the FieldValues in the "Post Calendar Record(s) to Entourage" to your corresponding field values in your FileMaker solution?

Next the field order when calling PCEM_SetFieldData is typically irrelevant except when setting the "Start" and "End" fields. You will always want to place the "Start" field BEFORE the "End" field when calling SetFieldData in the Calendar folder as outlined in the Functions Guide.

The '/' indicates that the folder path is relative to the current root folder or in other words a subfolder as clarified in the Developer's Guide. When calling the PCEM_OpenFolder( FolderPath ) function the FolderPath parameter specifies the path to the folder from the current root folder. For example.: PCEM_OpenFolder( "/Calendar") will open the Calendar folder (also known as the Main Calendar folder in Entourage).  PCEM_OpenFolder( "/Inbox/Sent Items") will open the Sent Items folder in your Inbox.

Lastly could you please provide me with an example of '*' used in the script so I may address this question?

Please also allow me to direct you to the latest documentation found in the original demo download. Here is a direct download link: (

In this download you will find a Developer's Guide and a Functions Guide which explains the above in greater detail.
Title: Re: Error descriptions - and possible gremlins?
Post by: jordenbill on August 08, 2012, 03:55:15 AM
This is accepted and we will be tailoring the gremlin messages to provide more information on what exactly is the issue.