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Title: Outlook Manipulator Version Now Available
Post by: Admin on August 03, 2017, 11:11:08 AM
Version of the Outlook Manipulator is now available for download. Those clients with v 7 builds can download this version update free of charge.

Please see below for full version history this release:
-   Consolidated "Beginner Demo" and "Advanced Demo" into one demo file for simplicity
-   Resolved logic issue in the PCEM_SetFieldData function where trying to set the "Task Completed Date" field in a Mail record would fail
-   Resolved issue where sending meeting invitations would create Appointment-type records in Outlook, and not Meeting-type records
-   Resolved logic issue in Demo File where sending an email via the Long Method would not include Cc or Bcc fields
-   Miscellaneous issues and enhancements

For more information, please visit: (