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Title: Possible to suppress warning message that Outlook cannot connect?
Post by: beeroll on March 10, 2016, 05:04:33 AM
Hi there - we have Exchange Manipulator set up on a standalone machine to continuously run through all the accounts on our Exchange Server and download relevant new emails. The script works pretty well, but we are frequently getting a warning message from the plugin that Outlook cannot connect to Exchange - which can obviously happen temporarily for a number of reasons.

The problem is that the plugin doesn't recover, even if Outlook gets a connection back, which it almost always does. And the plugin fails with a warning dialog that must be manually dismissed. Can you suggest a way in which we can either suppress the warning dialog altogether (it's ok if the plugin silently closes the file: we're planning to implement a script that restarts the machine each day, and opens the file afterwards), OR a way in which we can script the dismissal of the dialog? I wouldn't be happy about having to force-quit FileMaker each time an automated reboot happened.