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Title: Pushing Tax Amounts
Post by: db on October 15, 2015, 01:10:43 PM
It seems like I can only push tax codes, not tax amounts with line items (on invoices and credit memos). I am not clear what is needed if there is a tax rate change.
For example, suppose May 1st a new tax rate for HST comes into effect. Even if I set that up in both filemaker and quickbooks; it seems like there will be opportunity for problems. (We're in Canada if it matters.)

For example, the most common scenario:
What if we issue a credit memo after the new rate take takes affect, against an invoice on the old rate. The old rate should obviously be applied to that invoice. A $10 invoice issues in April with 5% tax, refunded in May after a rate change to 6% still needs to be refunded at 5%.

Our filemaker implementation has all the facilities to set the correct tax amounts and normally it gets it right, but it has facilities for the staff to override them at the line item as needed, if needed, when edge cases like this crop up. (And they do crop up.)

But on the invoice push, the lineitems only appear to be sent up with the tax code, so any tax rate or tax amount overrides that were done in filemaker would be lost.

I guess my questions are:
1) Can I push explicit tax amounts per line item (or even per invoice/credit memo) explicitly somehow, and I just missed it?
2) If not, how exactly do we cope with the scenarios above? Where the "current tax rates" may not be the correct tax rates to apply to an invoice/credit memo item due to a rate change?
Title: Re: Pushing Tax Amounts
Post by: Geoffrey Gerhard on October 16, 2015, 03:42:22 AM
In cases where a client is calculating Sales Tax amounts in FMP, I create a "See Line Item Detail" Sales Tax Item in QB that has a 0% rate. I pass that via the ItemSalesTaxRef element to the Invoice or CreditMemo, and then add the specific Sales Tax Items that are included in the FMP Invoice as their own QB InvoiceLines.

This solves the problem without impeding QB's built-in Reporting mechanisms.


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Title: Re: Pushing Tax Amounts
Post by: db on October 16, 2015, 11:11:32 AM
Hmm.. yes. I see how that would work. I'd have to define additional sales tax items similar to the automatically created "HST Adjustment" except that instead of posting the amount to "line 104 Adjustments"; to post it to "line 103 GST/HST collected or collectible". And then something equivalent for PST. etc. That seems workable. Then Filemaker completely controls the amount of tax collected, which is what I want. I've tried setting this up in QB and it appears to work.

I'll need to run this by the accountants and see if they have any objections to this; but it looks workable to me, and if you've done it in the past without issue that's a promising sign.