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Title: QB Enterprise Solutions
Post by: LelandLong on March 13, 2013, 08:27:47 AM
Anyone using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, their biggest offering?

We have been using QB Pro 2012 and am considering the move up. This should solve our multi-office, multi-state connectivity problems and the newest problem: hitting the 14,500 cap limit on Customer & Vendor Lists.

Wondering if anyone has any experience or advice on what to do or not do.....
Title: Re: QB Enterprise Solutions
Post by: Geoffrey Gerhard on March 13, 2013, 09:06:48 AM
I use it all the time--we don't need the capacity to run our small office, but it's available through my QuickBooks ProAdvisor membership so I migrated to it in 2010. Integration with FMP is essentially identical. Enterprise has a few more bells and whistles, but nothing that's really relevant to integration at this juncture.

If your bumping the limit of Customer + Vendor + Item records, Enterprise is the way to go. Same if you have at least 4 simultaneous users--Pro can host up to 5, but it's often slow once you get past 3. Moving to Enterprise is a one-way street--you can't go back once you've converted your file.


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