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Title: connection error 2147467261, expired account issue?
Post by: pjreagan on February 17, 2012, 06:54:53 PM
When getting back to a previously functioning system, the following error now keeps coming up when trying to connect to QuickBooks Online Edition...

CODE: -2147467261
SEVERITY: Exception
MESSAGE: Message:Invalid pointerSource:(null)Desc:(null)

My script step is that same as it was when it was left working a few weeks ago:  PCQB_BeginSession("QBOE"; ""; "").  The "Need Session Ticket" window comes up as expected, the "Login to QuickBooks" button works, the IE window accepts my credentials and produces a key.  But after pasting the key into the NST window, and clicking the OK button, the plugin produces the above result.  And yes, the plugin seems to be registered.

When this first happened, I manually attempted to connect to QBOE using a browser and was told that my account had expired.  Re-registering using my Intuit Developer's Network NFS credentials produced a second account.  It took a phone call to Intuit to get the first deleted.  After this I could log on to QBOE with no problem using a browser.  Yet from my FileMaker system the BeginSession function keeps producing the same result.  Could the plugin be accessing QBOE in such a way that the old expired account is getting in the way somehow?

Weird thing:  After getting the above error message, another attempt to log on produces a different error...
CODE: -2147220463
SEVERITY: Exception
MESSAGE: Message:IDispatch error #529Source:QBXMLRemoteOE.OERequestProcessor.1Desc:Before calling the BeginSession method, you must call the EndSession method to terminate the current session.

Yet other functions do not appear to interact with QBOE.  Manually running a PCQB_EndSession function in the Data Viewer will close the session but I still get the -2147467261 error on the next attempt to connect to QBOE.

Has anyone run into this before?  Any suggestions on what I can try next?


PS:  These results are obtained using FM Books Connector
Title: Re: connection error 2147467261, expired account issue?
Post by: Kevin Clemons on February 22, 2012, 01:17:43 PM
Do you recive these same results from multiple machines? I would be interested to see if your script causes issues on multiple machines. How about with the demo file, do you receive the same errors?

A remote session may be the way to go. Please provide me with your contact information so we can schedule a time for the meeting. I am available anytime Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm PST. Or you may contact me at (760) 510-1200 xt.105
Title: Re: connection error 2147467261, expired account issue?
Post by: pjreagan on February 22, 2012, 01:33:09 PM
Slightly different results are obtained with a different machine...

- Still on the first machine:  tried connecting with credentials from a newly created QBOE account but got the same error. 
- Further internet research indicates that the error is Windows specific, not necessarily QB related.  This would seem to indicate that something on this machine is the cause.
- Replacing the plugin with a fresh copy did not help.
- Tests on a 2nd Windows machine (a virtual machine with no previous QB installations at all):  new account works, old account fails with same error.
- Back to first machine:  still neither account will work
- Still on first machine: deleted MSXML, QBOE Connector and QBXMLRP2.  Restarted then reinstalled MSXML and QBOE Connector.  Opened FileMaker as Administrator but still got same errors for both old and new accounts.
- Back to 2nd machine:  new account continues to connect without the warning.
- Still on the second machine, using the PCQB_Demo (QB ONLINE) FileMaker file, same results:  old account shows the warning, new account connects.

Title: Re: connection error 2147467261, expired account issue?
Post by: pjreagan on February 29, 2012, 03:01:00 PM
'Turns out that this was a very useful exercise...  Apparently the FMBC plugin can deal with only one QBOE account at a time.  (Maybe this is a restriction of the QB connection software?)  If a user tries to use a different account they'll get a QB key but it will not work.  Instead they'll get the error...
    CODE: -2147467261
    SEVERITY: Exception
    MESSAGE: Message:Invalid pointerSource:(null)Desc:(null)

To change to a different QBOE account, follow these instructions...
- Delete the registry key... HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Intuit\QBOEQBXMLRP\FM Books Connector\ConnTkt
- Restart
- To be safe, open FileMaker by right-clicking on the program and choose "Run as Administrator"
- Attempt a connection, choose "Set up a connection!" then go through all the first time connection steps.  (If given a choice, choose "Create New Connection".)
- Copy/paste the Connection Ticket
- Then click the "Login to QuickBooks" button (Ya this feels redundant.)
- Follow these regular connection steps
- Copy/paste the Session Ticket

It's a little weird that two tickets have to be obtained/copied/pasted, but this worked in my tests on two separate machines.

Thanks to Kevin and Tayor at Productive Computing for their help with this!
Title: Re: connection error 2147467261, expired account issue?
Post by: Kevin Clemons on February 29, 2012, 05:41:04 PM
 This very well may be a registry issue and to try this:
On windows Vista and 7 machines, try right clicking on the FileMaker Pro shortcut and selecting “Run as Administrator” this may fix any issues with the system not being able to create the needed regkey.
Please run “regedit” and remove the registry value: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Intuit\QBOEQBXMLRP\FM Books Connector\ConnTkt
This will now trigger you to go through the connection wizard again to establish a connection.