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Title: Licensing Question
Post by: Will on February 08, 2010, 05:32:06 AM
I posted this question in another thread but thought it made more sense to post it in here in a new thread.

Suppose a company has five employees. They all use QBooks at times but never are more than three of them using FMP and QBooks at the same time.

In that case it is my understanding that they could install FMP and QBooks on all five computers though only three could operate at the same time. I sell my software based on the same model of concurrent users.

So my question is, can they purchase three licenses of FMConnector or do they have to purchase five?

Title: Re: Licensing Question
Post by: Melinda DePalma on February 09, 2010, 05:18:16 PM
All of our plug-ins are actually licensed per machines. The plug-ins are not licensed based off of simultaneous use on each machine. If you would like to use the plug-in on five different machines, then you will actually need five licenses.

If you are in a Terminal Services environment, then the plug-in licensed is per TS user rather than per machine.
Title: Re: Licensing Question
Post by: rsandsjr on March 17, 2010, 11:54:05 AM
I have purchased the 5 user version of FM Books Connector because I know I will eventually use it on at least 5 computers. However if I register a key on my production workstation, do I loose a licence or can it be reused on the target workstation when I have finished the database. I will be using quickbooks Ver 10 on a MS 2003 Server and also filemaker server to host the database.
Title: Re: Licensing Question
Post by: Melinda DePalma on March 18, 2010, 08:47:00 AM
Once you register any machine, then yes that machine uses a license. If you ever need to deactivate a machine, please just contact me with your license ID number and I can deactivate any machine when ready.

We do also offer developers the option of purchasing a NFR (Not For Resale) license. Our NFR license provides you (the developer) with your own copy of the plug-in of your choice at 50% off the retail price. The NFR discount can be used one time per plug-in!

The qualifications to obtain a NFR license are:
1) You must have purchased one of our plug-in products at full retail price.  If you have ordered a product at full price for yourself or your client please provide an order number so that we can verify the purchase.

2) You must also be or become a PCI Reseller.  If you are not a PCI Reseller then click on the link below to sign-up.

Hope that answers your question and gives you some options.

Melinda DePalma
Title: Re: Licensing Question
Post by: rsandsjr on April 20, 2010, 01:34:39 PM
I have finally received my developers NFR license so I don't waste any of the 5 Licenses I bought as a 5 user package. First of all, the 5 user package has only one License number. Is it to be installed on each workstation using the same License number on all workstations sent in my email? The next thing is using it on a server. I understand that quickbooks and Filemaker client and the FM Books connector has to be installed on the same machine which we will call the client ws, but I would like to know if I open a Filemaker database from my Filemaker Server remotely on my client ws then open quickbooks database from the server using Quickbooks data file on to the client ws which has Quickbooks installed, will the FM Books connector work since I am only getting the data from the server but the files are opened on the client ws? What I need to use this for is 5 users will be using quickbooks data but they will use your core2 invoice filemaker database to do these updates, but I will have sales people remotely going into the Filemaker Core2 Invoice database only to do invoices and customer lookups. Would this be the proper scenario? I have not found much help in the forums to help figure this out.
Title: Re: Licensing Question
Post by: Melinda DePalma on April 21, 2010, 03:04:23 PM
Please allow me to clarify.

1) Yes, you use the same license ID on all 5 client machines and your NFR license ID on your development machine. The plug-in is licensed per machine, so if you bought a 5 pack, then you can register 5 machines using that one license ID.

2) Only the users pushing data between QuickBooks and FileMaker need the plug-in installed. We do not have any server side plug-ins, so the actual machine using the plug-in will need a copy of QuickBooks, FileMaker Pro and the plug-in installed. It does not matter where your QuickBooks and FileMaker files reside (local or hosted), just as long as the user of the plug-in can access the QuickBooks and FileMaker file through the QuickBooks and FileMaker Pro program (using File > Open Remote or File > Open etc.).

If you have sales people who need to access the Core2 Invoices database to simply access data already contained in the Core2 Invoices (and NOT push or pull to QuickBooks), then they do not need QuickBooks or the plug-in installed.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any further clarification.