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Core5 Starter Edition is an intuitive business information tool designed to manage the essential aspects of your company.

Centralize your data

As your business grows, so do the number of applications used by your team to track contacts and sales leads, manage appointments and to-do lists, create and follow-up on estimates, take orders, send invoices, store and retrieve documents, and organize your data. Using the Core5 Starter Edition you can consolidate your operations and scattered information into a single file that you and your entire team can access.

Streamline your processes

On the forefront of database design, the Core5 Starter Edition immediately gives you advantages your competition won't have! With a QuickBooks integration, you can handle the sales through billing processes inside one application. Dashboard overviews give you the opportunity to analyze your sales and customers. The Core5 is an affordable, scalable and flexible tool that can be customized to grow with you as your company grows.

from Anywhere

Mac and Windows compatible, Core5 CRM was built on the FileMaker Pro database engine whose revolutionary technology allows your team access into the Core5 Starter Edition through the use of a FileMaker Pro client on a Windows or Macintosh desktop, FileMaker Go on the iPad, or from a web browser using FileMaker WebDirect. This cross-platform solution allows your team to deploy and work on any device from inside the office, on the road, or from home.

Core5 CRM Starter Edition
Key Features:
The Core5 Starter Edition allows users to efficiently manage areas including contacts, tasks, document storage, appointments, sales opportunities, estimates, invoices, and dashboard overviews.

Contacts: manage all client and vendor information, including related tasks, sales transactions, appointments, and documents.

Sales: track your entire sales process from initial contact to close. Generate estimates, create orders, process invoices, and manage balances.

To-dos and Appointments: create and manage tasks and appointments related to contacts and orders.

Documents: go paperless with secure document storage, link documents to related contacts and tag with keywords and descriptions.

Dashboard: view a snapshot of your contacts, sales, and pending tasks and appointments

QuickBooks Integration: utilizing the FM Books Connector or FM Books Connector Online Edition, Core5 is pre-configured to pull your contacts and items in order to set up your file, as well as continually push customer and invoices and pull payment balances.

Pricing and Purchase Options:
Core5 Starter Edition is available in three different licenses types:

Core5 Desktop:
- Free
- Single user
- For use on a Windows or Macintosh desktop only
- QuickBooks access sold separately*
- No customization available

Core5 SaaS:
- $19/ mo/ user
- Multi-user access
- Includes access on desktop, web, and iPad
- Data shareable amongst teams
- Cloud Hosting by PCI included
- FileMaker Pro licensing included
- QuickBooks access sold separately*
- Customization available through PCI

Core5 Site:
- $399
- Unlimited users
- Ability to access on desktop, web, and iPad
- Data shareable amongst teams
- Hosting sold separately
- FileMaker Pro licensing sold separately
- QuickBooks access sold separately*
- Customize yourself or hire us

* FM Books Connector or FM Books Connector Online plug-in required for QuickBooks integration.

For information and to purchase FM Books Connector Online Server-side, please contact

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System Requirements

Application: MacintoshWindowsFileMaker® Pro 16

Platform: Windows® 8/10
Mac OS 10.11 - 10.13

Info:This solution is verified compatible with FileMaker® Pro 16, Windows® 8/10, Macintosh 10.11-10.13 and may work with earlier versions.

For QuickBooks Desktop integration, an office running Macintosh machines will require one instance of Windows that includes QuickBooks for Windows and FileMaker Pro for Windows. If you intend to integrate with QuickBooks Online, you can use either a Windows or Mac desktop



Core5 CRM - Desktop Starter: $0.00

Core5 CRM User - SaaS Monthly Subscription: $19.00

Core5 CRM User - SaaS Annual Subscription: $200.00

Core5 CRM - Site License: $399.00

Plug-in Information

Core5 comes pre-configured with 30-day trial versions of the FM Books Connector or FM Books Connector Online  plug-ins and is designed to integrate with your existing QuickBooks company file (Desktop or Online). The plug-ins are sold separately, please see more details here.

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