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Turn Off “related videos” When Embedding from YouTube

May 13th, 2009

While embedding our YouTube videos in our WordPress blog posts located at and we discovered an interesting nuance (A.K.A. “feature”). If you use the default “embed” code provided by YouTube, the video will be displayed with the ability for the user to preview “related” videos based on the tags you used when you setup your video on YouTube. This means that while the user is looking at YOUR video, they can peruse other videos not at all related to your video. Although there are times where this might be desirable, there are times where it isn’t.  The following article will show you how to remove the related videos for embedded YouTube videos.

The issue is this:

1) The user has the ability to click the button at the bottom right button (see fig 1).


fig 1

The user can then select the “related videos” button (see fig 2)


fig 2


fig 3

Then finally, a list of related videos (not necessarily your videos, but anyone’s videos) appears (see fig 3).

The solution to REMOVE related videos is this:
You need to add the “related video” parameter and set it to “0.” So, when you add the embed code from YouTube, add the “&rel=0” at the end of the video name (see the red text in the following example – fig 4):


fig 4

When complete, the related videos will no longer appear (see fig 5).

fig 5

fig 5

I found the tip buried deep on the YouTube help website:

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