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Outlook Manipulator Plug-ins Compatible with Microsoft Office 365

March 13th, 2012


San Diego, CA – March 13, 2012 – Productive Computing, Inc. a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, provided an update today regarding the compatibility of its Outlook Manipulator line of FileMaker® Pro plug-ins with Microsoft® Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based service that provides secure, anywhere access to contacts, e-mail and calendars, Office Web Apps, web conferencing, and file sharing. When used in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook, the Outlook Manipulator family of plug-ins will give you access to the Office 365 contacts, e-mail and calendars.

The following plug-ins are fully compatible with Microsoft Office 365:

Outlook Manipulator for Mac v1.0.0.9
Download Latest Version:
Click Here

Outlook Manipulator v5.0.1.2
Download Latest Version:
Click Here

Exchange Manipulator v3.0.1.2
Download Latest Version:
Click Here

Outlook SendMail v2.0.1.2
Download Latest Version:
Click Here


Plug-in Integration and FileMaker Pro Support:
Want help getting a plug-in professionally installed into your FileMaker solution? Do you have other database enhancements you would like to have programmed? We can help!

The process is easy – complete our online Request For Quote (RFQ) form or call us directly at (760) 510-1200 and one of our certified developers can work with you on improving your solution today.

About Productive Computing, Inc.:
Since 1996, Productive Computing, Inc. has been helping its customers become more efficient and profitable by implementing custom software solutions using FileMaker Pro. Utilizing FileMaker Pro as a rapid application development tool, their certified FileMaker developers can create custom applications that a business can run on their Windows or Macintosh desktop computers, in a web browser, on an iPad or iPhone or shared simultaneously on all of these platforms.

Productive Computing, Inc. also produces several off the shelf productivity solutions such as Core3 CRM, Core2 CRM, Core2 Invoices, FM Work Orders, OrgPlanner and IT Asset Manager as well as a suite of FileMaker Pro plug-ins that allow FileMaker Pro to integrate with third party applications including Outlook, QuickBooks, Entourage, the Apple Address Book and iCal, PDF forms, credit card processing, digital signatures and biometric fingerprint scanners.

Productive Computing, Inc. is one of only a few companies in the United States to have earned the highly respected Platinum level membership within the FileMaker Business Alliance and recently won the exclusive FileMaker Business Alliance Partner of the Year award.

Productive Computing, Inc.
950 Boardwalk, Suite 205
San Marcos, CA 92078
(760) 510-1200

Press Contacts:
Productive Computing, Inc.
Keith Larochelle
(760) 510-1200

PCI Announces Outlook 2010 Compatibility

July 27th, 2010

San Diego, CA – July 27, 2010 – Productive Computing, Inc. a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, announces the compatibility with Outlook 2010 for the Outlook SendMail, Outlook Manipulator and Exchange Manipulator plug-ins. In addition to providing a bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Outlook 2010, these new versions now provide access to the recurrence patterns for Outlook Events and Tasks.

The Outlook SendMail retails for $34.95 ($22.72 upgrade) for a single user. Visit the product page at  to download a demo, view the video tutorials and read our documentation.

The Outlook Manipulator v5 retails for $99.95 ($64.96 upgrade) for a single user. Visit the product page at to download a demo, view the video tutorials and read our documentation.

The Exchange Manipulator retails for $1,599.95 ($1,039.96 upgrade) for a single user. Visit the product page at to download a demo, view the video tutorials and read our documentation.

5 Reasons to Connect FileMaker to Outlook

November 25th, 2009

5 Reasons to Connect FileMaker to Outlook


FileMaker to OutlookPeople sometimes ask us the question:  “Why would I want to connect FileMaker to Outlook?”  My reply is, “Why wouldn’t you?”


Microsoft Outlook is a popular e-mail application that comes complete with contacts, appointments and tasks. It has been around for years and its proliferation in the Windows-based work environment is as wide as it is deep. For companies that use FileMaker and also use Outlook, it may seem painfully obvious that connecting the two could yield some newfound benefits. Let’s explore some of these connection points between these two important applications.


First of all, let’s identify what Outlook does well. Outlook does a fine job handling incoming and outgoing e-mail.  Outlook is a mature e-mail application that comes complete with all the bells and whistles. Its feature set has been defined and refined over the years and it is the standard by which other e-mail applications are judged.


Outlook also efficiently handles your basic task list and your appointment schedule.  Outlook comes complete with its own address book to store contacts.  Because Outlook has been around for years and is so widely used, nearly every third-party application that has anything to do with managing contacts and calendars readily connects to it.


In today’s world, having data in your mobile device is more important than ever. Outlook really shines in this area as I can’t think of a modern mobile PDA/phone made that Outlook cannot synchronize to either through MS Exchange or a third party sync tool.  When you think about the significance of Outlook’s uncanny ability to connect to just about everything, you soon realize that once your data is in Outlook, it can be distributed and synced most anywhere.


Ok, so now enter FileMaker.  FileMaker (for those of you who already own and use it, consider this a review) is undoubtedly the most powerful data management database system ever created that doesn’t require traditional computer programming skills to create and use.  Once you use FileMaker, you’ll most likely have your organization’s data stored there – after all, it is a database.  Now let’s talk about the 5 reasons why you should connect FileMaker to Outlook.

Reason #1: Populate Outlook with FileMaker address book data

Probably the most common reason people want to connect FileMaker to Outlook is because they store contacts in FileMaker, yet they send e-mail using Outlook. Outlook has its own address book and here in lies the problem. When you generate a new e-mail from Outlook it’s going to use Outlook’s address book to gather the e-mail address.  Why not create a routine that copies your FileMaker address data into Outlook on a periodic basis. This way you don’t have to worry about having two address books, you can safely e-mail people directly out of Outlook knowing full well that your data originally came from FileMaker.   People commonly create a routine in FileMaker that copies contact data either daily or weekly as a “one-way push” from FileMaker to Outlook.


Reason #2: Populate FileMaker with Outlook address book data

So let’s assume you are new to FileMaker and you have all your contact address data already in Outlook.  In this case it would be helpful to create a routine that gathers Outlook data to create corresponding records in FileMaker. In addition you may want that periodic routine to perform a query on the Outlook data gathering only those records modified after a certain date or associated with a specific category.

Reason #3: Calendar Management

For years people have used FileMaker as a mechanism to store calendar schedule data.  For instance, if you had a meeting and planning database system built in FileMaker, it’s safe to say that you have several hundred events listed in FileMaker all with numerous details and attributes.


Often times it would be helpful to have a system by which you could be reminded of these events or better still, take your events with you in your mobile device. Since Outlook already has a built-in reminder system and ability to move events to mobile device, it makes good sense to get that data into Outlook and leverage what Outlook does best. You can create a routine that periodically moves events from FileMaker to Outlook giving you additional options to be reminded, to have your data in a mobile device, or to view your data in one of the many built-in Outlook views such as month view, day view, week view, category list etc.

Reason #4: Task Management

As in reason three above, tasks are often times entered in FileMaker just like events are.  And just like with events, Outlook can also remind you of upcoming tasks as well as move those tasks to your mobile device. If you have a list of tasks in FileMaker complete with priority, category, and notes, you can move all that data from FileMaker to  Outlook. 

 Reason #5: Create a company-wide Email Archive in FileMaker

Organizations often have their contacts in a centralized FileMaker database. And of course, it makes sense that these contacts would include an e-mail address. A common situation is that each member of the organization sends and receives e-mail each from their own Outlook client. you could say that the e-mail is “trapped” and each individual’s  “inbox” and/or  “sent items” folder.

You can create a routine that imports email directly from Outlook into FileMaker. Once the e-mail is imported, you simply match each e-mail with the e-mail address for each FileMaker contact. What you get in the end is a complete organization wide e-mail history attached to each FileMaker contact. Imagine going to John Smith’s record for example and viewing all e-mail sent and/or received to and from anyone in the organization.

Getting Started 3Get Started: Moving data between FileMaker and Outlook can be accomplished with the use of the Outlook Manipulator plug-in by Productive Computing (Outlook Manipulator). Programing the routines mentioned in this article from scratch using the Outlook Manipulator requires intermediate FileMaker skills in the areas of scripting, calculations and relationships. Included in the download package of the plug-in is an unlocked FileMaker demo with all the routines listed above clearly demonstrated.

Productive Computing,Inc. Releases the Newly Redesigned Outlook Manipulator v4 Plug-in for FileMaker Pro®

August 12th, 2009
San Diego, CA Ð August 11, 2009 – Productive Computing, Inc. a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, announces the release of the new Outlook Manipulator v4 for FileMaker Pro¨. This new version combines the power of our popular Outlook Manipulator v3 and the Exchange Client Manipulator plug-ins.
“Outlook Manipulator has created notable efficiency for our clients who are dependent on integrating Outlook with their FileMaker solutions. Built from the ground up and two years in the making, this latest version provides a host of new features and improvements to allow our customers unsurpassed integration opportunities.” – CEO, Marc Larochelle

New Features:

1. 65% faster when pulling e-mail from Outlook to FileMaker Pro

2. 34% faster when pulling contact data from Outlook to FileMaker Pro

3. Ability to update and create appointment and message requests. You can now invite attendees to an appointment directly from FileMaker.

4. Ability to create a distribution list or add an e-mail to a distribution list.

5. View e-mails in Outlook directly from your FileMaker interface. For example push a button in FileMaker called “View in Outlook” and the corresponding e-mail/Contact/Appointment/Task in Outlook will come to the forefront.

6. Ability to send e-mail “On Behalf Of” another user.

7. Improved method for error trapping during integration.

8. Works in cached mode AND non-cached mode.

9. Ability to save Outlook messages as .msg files.

10. Redemption is no longer required. No more redemption = no third party software to install.

With the release of this new product there will be some extensive changes to our Microsoft Outlook family of plug-ins.

1. The Exchange Manipulator has also been modified to include all of the new features above as well the ability to send e-mail “From” another user in an Exchange environment.

2. Customers that need additional Outlook Manipulator v3 plug-in licenses, will have until September 9th to purchase. After September 9th the Outlook Manipulator v3 will be discontinued.

3. Should technical support be needed for the previous versions of these plug-ins after the discontinuation date, customers will be able to receive it through our paid support services.

Customers using the older plug-in with the Core2 CRM version or earlier, please go to our Support Forum at for compatibility information.

The single user price for the Outlook Manipulator v4 plug-in is $99.95. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of either the Outlook Manipulator or Exchange Client Manipulator you will receive a 35% discount.

To purchase licenses of the Outlook Manipulator v4, watch a video tutorial or download a demo, please visit

Visit our online Video Library for a complete list of our plug-in videos at


About Productive Computing, Inc.:

Since 1996, Productive Computing, Inc. has been helping companies become more efficient and profitable by providing a solid foundation of indispensable software and support services. From custom FileMaker Pro database development, consulting and products, to IT support, web site design and hosting services, Productive Computing, Inc. is your strategic partner for all your companyÕs technology needs.

Productive Computing, Inc. is one of only a few companies in the United States to have earned the highly respected and exclusive platinum level membership within the FileMaker Business Alliance.

Productive Computing, Inc.

950 Boardwalk, Suite 205

San Marcos, CA 92078


(760) 510-1200

Press Contacts:

Productive Computing, Inc.

Keith Larochelle

(760) 510-1200




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Productive Computing, Inc. Releases Outlook Manipulator v3 Plug-in

March 7th, 2006

San Diego, CA – March 7, 2006 – Productive Computing, Inc., a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, today announced the release of the Outlook Manipulator v3 plug-in. The Outlook Manipulator Plug-in is the only FileMaker Pro plug-in that allows you to pass data between FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Outlook®. This newest release offers significantly expanded functionality over previous releases of the Outlook Manipulator.

Improvements over previous versions of the Outlook Manipulator include:
– Freedom to navigate to any folder in the current users default folder tree
– Increased access to Outlook record types to include Notes, Journal, and Post Items
– Import e-mail message headers
– Uses Outlook’s own e-mail engine to send email without using an external SMTP mail client and bypasses all security dialogs
– Fully Unicode compatible (International Language support)

Existing Features include:
– Authenticate User (for Outlook Profiles)
– New Record, Delete Record, Delete All Records
– Save Record (or Send Mail)
– Open Record, Set Field Data
– Verify Field Data
– Get Field Data, Get First Record, Get Next Record, Get Record Count
– Set Mail Folder
– Open First Folder, Open Next Folder
– Get Folder ID
– Move Record

With this new plug-in, developers and users will have the tools to be able to manipulate Microsoft Outlook data DIRECTLY THROUGH A FILEMAKER PRO INTERFACE! The Outlook Manipulator can exchange data within Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Mail, Journal, and Post Items.

“This enhanced version is faster, has access to more Outlook data fields, and is even easier to integrate into your custom solutions than ever before! We built it from the ground up using the latest FileMaker plug-in API and Microsoft architectures, which resulted in the most robust, user friendly plug-in we have created to date. It truly is the ‘crown jewel’ in our extensive product line.” – CFO, Keith Larochelle

Example Uses:
– Move all contacts from your FileMaker contact manager into MS Outlook for easy E-mail address lookup
– Populate and view the Outlook calendar using your FMP events database
– Populate FileMaker with your Outlook E-mail for archiving purposes and quick search capability
– Create Outlook tasks from your live FMP data complete with reminders
– Send Mass E-Mail campaigns without encountering Outlook security dialogs

Productive Computing, Inc. is one of the Partner Level members of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance, a 2000 member organization of professional FileMaker pro developers. The company specializes in custom database design and FileMaker Pro plug-in development.

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