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FileMaker 16 Compatibility Update: Plug-ins and Solutions

May 12th, 2017


FileMaker 16 was just released and that blue color scheme is not the only thing that’s new! FileMaker 16 is debuting with some exciting updates for both Windows and Mac users.

For example:

– The Window’s version of FileMaker now has independent windows!
– FileMaker Go now supports animation and transitions with scripts, enhanced signature capture, and custom paper sizes.
– And among the many new features in FileMaker 16 for developers – you now have the ability to copy and paste value lists, utilize an enhanced data viewer, and integrate with new JSON functions, enhanced cURl options, and external script steps.

For a complete list of new features and to buy your upgrade today (at a discount) check out

To prepare our products for the FileMaker 16 release, we’ve implemented FileMaker external script steps in all of our plug-ins. These scripts will only be accessible when the plug-in is run in FileMaker 16 and allows a developer to specify plug-in functions as script steps instead of as calculation results.

Using script steps instead of the more traditional methods can make scripting within a solution more direct, as well as help with data entry validation. Some functions accept calculation-style input, while others accept a Boolean “true” or “false” option, and others employ a drop-down list for the developer to choose an option from. As stated earlier, the functionality of the plug-in script step is identical to its functionality as a calculation function.

Here is a video from our CEO, Marc Larochelle, with more information about external script steps.

YouTube Preview Image

Currently, all of our plug-ins have been updated to provide this plug-in script step functionality when used with FileMaker 16. Along with the external script steps, calculation functions will still be provided for use in development; this is to ensure that scripts already integrated with any of our plug-ins will still be viable and functional, and the developer now has the option to utilize the plug-in script steps at his or her discretion.

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Productive Computing, Inc. Releases the eSign Signature Capture Plug-in

July 21st, 2006

San Diego, CA – July 21, 2006 – Productive Computing, Inc., a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, today announced the release of the eSign Signature Capture plug-in. The eSign Signature Capture plug-in is the only FileMaker Pro plug-in that allows for capturing signatures and binding them to information stored in your FileMaker database.

New technologies allow devices to capture biometric signature information that is unique to the person signing. This biometric information is used by analysts to determine ownership of the signature. Using proprietary software, this signature may be bound to data you have stored in your database. If the data ever changes or if the signature is tampered with, the software renders the signature invalid.

Using the plug-in:
* Allows you to capture a signature and store it in a container field
* Binds captured signatures to data in your FileMaker Pro database
* Facilitates signing of legally binding electronic documents consistent with applicable legislation
* Enables multiple signatures on a document
* Authenticates content and flags unauthorized changes to documents or forms by invalidating signature.
* Reduces process cycle times, increases organizational responsiveness and customer service
* Increases accountability and ensures nonrepudiation of approvals and transactions
* Facilitates secure digitization of paper-based business transactions
* Works with the Topaz T-S460-HSB, T-L462-HSB or T-LBK462-HSB signature scanner devices

About Productive Computing, Inc.
Productive Computing, Inc. is a leading provider of custom software solutions based on FileMaker Pro, primarily serving small to medium size businesses with off-the-shelf and custom software solutions. Its mission is to help customers create efficiency through the use of intuitive multi-user database systems. Productive Computing, Inc. was started in 1996 and is one of only a few companies in the United States to have earned the highly respected Partner level developer status in the FileMaker Solutions Alliance.

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