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Off-the-Shelf FileMaker Solutions, FileMaker Framework Solutions, and Custom FileMaker Solutions

Signature Solutions: Our Signature FileMaker Solutions include a suite of ready, off-the-shelf FileMaker solutions that can be deployed immediately into your environment. Each Signature Solution was developed based on years of business operations experience and took hundreds - and in the case of our FileMaker CRM Solutions - thousands of man hours to produce. Each has been developed with a complete end to end workflow, user guides, and hours of training videos to bring you and your staff up to speed quickly and cost effectively. These complete packages can be used as is or customized to fit unique business needs no matter what industry or trade.

Framework Solutions: A Framework Solution is a FileMaker Pro template that can be used as a foundation for a new system or incorporated into an existing FileMaker system. These Framework Solutions are based off of custom development done for specific industries and serve as great starter solutions for specific projects. These frameworks are not off-the-shelf ready, but rather starting points that require consultation and some custom development before being ready for delivery. The specific industries covered by these Framework Solutions include watercraft towing and support services, property management, academic and military band program asset tracking, sales and membership tracking, and wine club inventory. Those interested in our Framework Solutions should submit a Request For Quote for a free consultation and demo.

Customizing a Signature or Framework Solution: By utilizing the award winning FileMaker Pro database engine as a rapid application development tool, PCI can affordably create customized solutions to fit any organization's specific processes and workflow. Custom FileMaker programming will provide your organization with a centralized database that will streamline processes, reduce labor costs, and can easily be modified to meet specific needs. These custom solutions are typically developed in a third of the time as compared to using other software platforms. By leveraging one of PCI's FileMaker templates as a solid foundation, you can have a jumpstart to having your very own fully customized solution that can be adapted as your business grows or changes for years to come.